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Black Female Puppy & Blue Female Puppy Available!

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The briard was the all around farm dog in France. He should be healthy and easy to care for. Our dogs have all their health clearances and the same is required from the studs or bitches that I may use/lease. We believe in a dog that is true to its original type and utilitarian origins: It is a solid worker that has the structure, the coat and the stamina to spend all day in the field doing his job. A Briard is to be strong, smart and level headed. It is not a glamorous dog even though he has lots of elegance with his long coat and easy trot. He is also the most loyal and devoted companion to his family. Continuously learning from the heritage that long time breeders have created, I try to breed with the same spirit, building on the shoulders of these same breeders and the dogs who offer this assurance generation after generation.

What to expect from my dogs: Dogs from our breedings have the type you see in our dogs. They have lots of substance and the very exact head a briard should have, as described in the breed standards (AKC and FCI). They have the coarse coat texture that is often not seen in briards anymore. This makes for a much easier care and gives that very elegant look to the dogs. I have all three colors, black, grey and tawny. Overall, I like a dog, with deep and wide chest, good angulations and alignment, balance standing and moving, a good topline, big head, long neck, proud and alert stance, and moving with a nice open gait. This is what I try to produce.

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I am an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit

If you consider a briard puppy, please read Hugo's story.

After seeing our dogs or website, fairly often people ask if we only sell to show homes. Well, quite the opposite ! We much rather our babies to go in great homes where they have the opportunity to be a wonderful companion to their family and enjoy life with dedicated owners. This is what is important, not that they are shown. Historically, almost all our puppies have gone to non-show homes. if someone wants to show their puppy, that is fine but certainly not a requirement.

Occitane had her babies and a few little girls are still available !
We had 12 babies (9 girls and 3 boys). 1 Black girl and 1 Blue (grey born grey) girl are looking for their own forever homes. They are very pretty, super smart and loving and ready to go to their families. They are microchipped, vaccinated, leash and crate trained. Black girl has cropped ears and Blue girl has natural ears.
If interested, please contact me at fairytalebriards@gmail.com

Occitane, “Ollie” is Oxford’s littermate. Choosing a male for such a gorgeous girl was difficult as I had two very strong options in my heart and head. Ollie was bred using frozen semen from Tiamo (mCH Norway’s King Tiamo du Manoir Noble), a handsome tawny male from Norway who is in fact a half brother to our Ria (same sire) and has so many titles at the front and end of his name. He is a very happy boy and does it all with his owner. The frozen semen did not thaw as well as we had hoped and while we could do one insemination, we also chose to use my second sire choice to give more opportunities to having puppies. My own Fr, Can, AKC Rebelle des Monts d’en Crauzille is my second sire, with 20 years old semen which thawed perfectly. Rebelle has given us many outstanding children when he was alive. Maybe he will have more children 20 years later. As a consequence, all babies will be DNA tested to confirm their actual sire. All will be black, with a possibility for grey. We are so very excited to welcome all those babies and see what mother nature decided for us. But in fact this dual sire litter turned out to be the solution to not making a decision on whom to use and have the opportunity to see babies from each in one litter. The pedigree of the combinations is listed here.

Serious inquiries from great homes are welcome.
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