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GCHGold Deauville du Tchibo d’Ebene
(BIS, BISS, WW, Am GCH, Can CH, Fr CH Fairytale’s Balthazar le Sage, ROM, HOF x Chinyere Karhu Czarny Niedwiadek )
DOB: 06/16/2015

Deauville was little Bordeaux when I went to visit the puppies out of Sage and Chili, at their breeder Zsofi Pecseri’s home in Budapest, Hungary. 10 puppies born from frozen semen. In one day, I had to make my choice and while I liked several of the puppies, I was attracted to the smallest one, that little boy, steady on his feet and always very attentive to me. He was a small boy, which actually made the trip in cabin easier for that very long flight back home and he never made a sound. He was the perfect trooper, leaving the extremely hot Hungary and the backyard where he had been raised, and jumping with no fear into a bright new world.

One year later, Deauville is a very handsome, masculine boy, with lots of bones, a beautiful head and silhouette and a super sweet nature. He and his father Sage still like each other and spend their days together. He has learned the passion for the ball from Sage and follows Sage all day long. Deauville has a magnificent coat and is a real pleasure to watch floating around the yard. Such an open and light footed gait on this young boy.

Now it is time to start training and get to some shows ! He did so at the regional specialty shows in MA, where he won Best of Winners all 5 days, including at the Specialty, earning his first series of points towards his AKC Championship. Several of his siblings in Europe are already Youth Champions in multiple countries. All have done quite well and I am very happy for their breeder Zsofi that Sage was able to contribute to this special litter.

Deauville went on finishing his championship in early October 2016, shown as always by the Greg Strong team. He finished the year at the huge AKC shows in Florida, where he competed against all mature dogs and won Select dog all days. He has grown into a magnificent young boy. We could not love his beauty and his temperament more.

Since then, Deauville has continued to collect awards and been consistently recognized. He is a top 10 briard in breed and all breed systems, and has won group and group placements. At the 2017 National Specialty, he won an Award Of Merit, a repeat performance from the Regional specialty which took place the day before the national and was judged by French expert Alain Pecoult. Deauville is the only briard who was awarded at both shows. Our teenager boy does turn heads !!!

Deauville is truly an extremely high quality briard, with a gorgeous body, neck, tail, beautiful easy gait, perfect angles and of course that amazing coat. And that friendly temperament. He always greeted the judges with his wagging tail. He had an incredible show carrier. He was never able to compete for a full year due to many external factors, one of which being Covid, but despite that, he has established quite a record for himself. He has won 24 group 1s, a total of 115 group placements, Reserve Best in Show, 1 Best in Specialty, several Select at National and Regional Specialties. He was Selected by our French Rassemblement judge. Now he is a retired Grand Champion and enjoys being a pet. We hope that we will be able to have some Deauville children in the future.