Ch Ursina des Pierrailles, HIC, Fr Select, Am Select
(Valuas Preston x Regale des Pierrailles)
HD A/A, OFA Good, CSNB Clear, ERG OK, CERF 2004
Feb 16, 2003 - Sept 11, 2006

One of our favorite views of Nina, as the beautiful bitch
she had become, at 3.5 years old

Ursina was born in Switzerland and bred by Christiane Comby.

Ursina's incredibly lively personality and her wonderful conformation qualities made her impossible to ignore wherever she goes. There was something very special about Ursina.

Ursina finished her AKC Championship easily and followed immediately with her Selection at the US Rassemblement, held at the 2004 BCA National. Then she accompanied us to Europe and we showed her in Switzerland where she got the RCACS at the 2004 Swiss National and the following weekend got Selected at the French National. This was a priceless experience and outstanding results for a young girl. Ursina did all this at 18 months of age, showing that not only she was a beautiful girl, but that she also had an incredibly stable temperament. By the way, she got excellent at the French temperament test !

She went and took her herding instinct test and of course aced it. We had a hard time getting her away from the sheep after the trial !!! Comments from the trainer was that she would be an outstanding fencing dog to match her stamina and drive for work.

At 2 and a half year old, she started to change her coat for her final color and turned to be a sterling gray girl. She started her serious show career at the end of 2005 with Greg Strong and she enjoyed every bit of it. While shown only about half of the weekends, she ranked #6 Briard all systems by mid august 2006, when tragedy hit.

After receiving a group 2 on that Friday, she was taken to the emergency clinic the next morning. Without any prior warning signs, Nina was in fact very sick. In three weeks, her body killed itself of auto-immune disease, making her only a shadow of herself within that short while. Medicine was unable to save her. She never lost her spirit and we are only glad she came back home and enjoyed a last ball play in her own yard before leaving the 4 of us, Tim and I of course, but also Greg and Carla. There is nothing to appease our sorrow but we are happy she had a life she loved, full of fun and play. She gave to all humans she ever met an immediate sense of love, while she made sure all 4 legged creatures knew she was in charge. She was our Nina, a true Briard, a true show girl and a very beautiful girl.

2 Years and 8 Months Old

2 Years Old