Our Founding Fathers:


Ch. Fairytale's Ficelle

(BIS/mBISS World/Fr/Am/Can Ch Fairytale's Balthazar le Sage, HOF x
Am Ch Talaria de Bejaune)
Penn Hip 70 percentile (DI=0.3/0.4), OFA Excellent, CNSB Clear -
DOB: 02/13/2010

Ficelle now lives with Janelle in California where she is filling the empty hole that Ficelle's own great aunt had left. She gets to be a single child and gives Janelle all the love that her big heart contains.

Below is Fifi and her brothers' story:

Princess Ficelle is the latest and long awaited addition to our family. Ficelle and her two brothers (Fantome and Fyodor, aka Blue) are the results of Sage's first litter. The whelping of this litter ended up being quite complicated. We lost two other males during the surgery, and once again, the three little ones (well, not so little since all were at the 1 Lbs or above mark) have been bottle fed. This brought a lot of work but also such a joy and connection to those precious grandchildren of Rebelle. Parting with Mr Black (now Fantome) and Mr Blue (Fyodor) was very difficult but they have great homes and Blue is only 1 hour away with his biological mother, eventhough neither of them know that!

Anyhow, Ficelle stayed home. She wears her name to perfection. For those not fluent in French, Ficelle has many meanings, but one of them is a "little naughty person, but in a sweet way". And she is just that and therefore very fun to live with. She loves, adores I should say, all people. She is a very happy and playful puppy with tons of energy and an incredible agility. Like her father, she has a passion for jumping all 4 feet up in the air, playing with all toys but specially those that we play fetch with.

Ficelle is quite a beauty as you can see in the photos, with her magnificent head and structure, as well as very dark pigmentation and eyes. She has that look of the gorgeous black de Bejaune females that I like so much but she also has blended in her the power, head and bones from her father side.

She has gone to a few shows and won a few points . But her true pleasure remains playing fetch and running flat out even if after nothing. She is a very athletic girl ! Show ring is not her favorite activity and certainly she believes her beauty is best admired outside of the shows' confinement!

Her brother, Fantome, in AZ, won his first 4 point major at his first all breed show. He also participated at the 2010 US Rassemblement and obtained his Puppy Selection, as well as Best Puppy in Match, in the match judged by one of the French judges, and finally won his puppy class in the sweeps and in the regular National Specialty show. Mr Black finished his Championship at the Regional Specialty shows in California in the spring of 2011.

Her second brother, Blue, in PA, also just finished his Championship in September 2011. And Ficelle finished in style. She picked up her first major at the BCA Regional Specialty in April 2012 and her second one a few weeks later. Now, she can think about her true future, being a mother !!!!

Below are some photos of Ficelle and her brothers.