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Our Founding Fathers:


We celebrate our fabulous Sage, as multi Champion Sage, as the 2011 World Winner, All Breed BIS, multi BBE BIS, National Specialty and multi BISS Winner. Sage was ranked #1 Briard in the USA & Canada in 2009. Not only a magnificent male, Sage is a true heart wrapped in fur, with a passion for loving his family (us) and ball fetching.

We live in Berks County in Pennsylvania. I (Odile) am French but have been living in the US since 1996. All my life has been spent with animals, with the exception of my years at the university when it was impossible to have a dog in my little apartment!

All our dogs are above all family companions and of course live in the house with us. We do not have a kennel and strongly disagree with this concept for the Briard. The briard has a very strong bond with his master and needs permanent contact with him. Therefore we have a limited number of dogs and I breed at a low frequency. Our focus is on maintaining the breed characteristics and not on producing numbers. Babies are born and raised in the house, with permanent human interactions. It is a great joy to see life renew itself and watch babies develop. You can see plans or current litter under the "litters" page.

We are members of the Briard Club of America, the Atlantic States Briard Club, and support the Vet School at the University of Pennsylvania. And I am an AKC Breeder of Merit.

I mostly do conformation activities in the US and France. I strongly believe the briard should conform to the country of origin (France) standard and show as much as possible our dogs in France as well as in the US (or occasionally in Canada). Rebelle was my pride and joy and is the most titled male of the breed history with multiple country Championships and Selections. I also take our dogs herding at two sheep farms and enjoy very much seeing them display the characteristics for which this breed was bred originally. Rebelle, and now his grandson, Aramis, make their ancestor, Judith, a true shepherdess of her time, proud.

You can visit the page of each of our dogs to learn more about them.

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